What our patients are saying:

Frank Hann is knowledgeable, professional and personable, and those are the qualities I needed during my first experience with physical therapy. Frank educated me about the techniques he was using, and always treated me like a person who could understand and implement follow-up exercises.

— Jan Bateman

I received outstanding care from Chris Guempel at Encore Physical Therapy. He was very knowledgeable, professional and thorough in his work with me. I was experiencing a lot of pain and very limited range of motion with frozen shoulder, and I made great progress as a result of the hands-on work he provided and the at-home exercises/stretches that he recommended. He was extremely compassionate and I knew that he genuinely cared about my healing. It was easy for me to trust his expertise and know that I was in good hands during a difficult and challenging time. Highly recommended!

— Katrina Grubert

Chris was outstanding! Very professional and challenging.

— Diana Condon

Chris did a wonderful job working on my frozen shoulder. He knew the treatment I needed and he worked hard every session doing the manipulation correctly and thoroughly. He was my ray of hope through a very painful time. I always felt that he really cared about me getting better!  I would definitely go to Chris again and recommend him to my friends.

— Jean Gilbert

Chris Guempel has been a tremendous force for change in my life.  Having broken my right femur twice in the past year and in a wheelchair for seven months, I was fortunate to find Chris, a gifted physical therapist.  Chris’ knowledge at every stage of my recovery, coupled with his encouragement helped me set reachable goals that have helped me walk again.  He is positive, he pushes without being pushy and brings a lightness to difficult tasks.  His program, made especially for me, has brought healing and wholeness. I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a physical therapist.

— Linda Langstraat

Chris and I worked together intensively for 6+ months. I found Chris to be a very caring and knowledgeable physical therapist. While I still have some limitations, without Chris’s help I would not have been able to resume all of my activities.

— Jay Gile

After a bad outcome on several back surgeries, I found myself crippled and bent over and in severe pain. I had been to several therapy places in town without much help, then I was sent to Chris. He was able to diagnose my problem and worked with great dedication and skill to get me standing much straighter and with much less pain.

— Barbara Levno

My heartfelt thanks to Chris Guempel for the excellent treatment I received. He is the most thorough therapist I have ever encountered and his care is much appreciated.

— Alice Sparrow

I’ve visited a number of physical therapists in the Corvallis area over the years. Chris Guempel helped me with a persistent, recurring neck and shoulder problem, and I was impressed by the involved, hands-on approach he used to solve it. Rather than merely printing out a stack of exercise diagrams and sending me on my way, he spent a great deal of time working with me personally during my appointments. That time paid off in the long run – my problem was solved and I’ve had no relapses.

— Dale Hubbard

After many years of hiking in the Cascades, at age 72, I was starting to have pain in my right kneecap. Within two weeks (of working with Chris), I noticed a significant reduction in kneecap pain. As we worked through the rehab plan, Chris paid close attention to any possible strain on my lower back. At the conclusion of the rehab sessions, Chris provided diagrams for exercises on a continuing basis. I am back to hiking in the Cascades, pain free.

— Ron Miller

I have had chronic back problems (and) through the years I have been to chiropractors, an orthopedic specialist and an anesthesiologist who put so many needles in my back, that I lost count. In January 2009 I started physical therapy with Chris and since then I have not had a back episode. He started my treatment with simple stretching & progressed to more advanced exercises. He was so easy to work with. My back is never going to be normal, but with Chris’ help I am living a normal life once again.

— Robbi Cheek

I attribute my rapid recovery from shoulder replacement surgery to Chris’ skill and compassionate care. I would recommend him to any of my friends in need of physical therapy.

— Lewis McLaren

I have been a patient of Frank Hann for 11 years for post-operative therapy following shoulder and back surgery. Frank has always provided professional advice on exercise regimes, physical restraints, and helpful hints for a healthy body. His friendliness and humor make each visit a pleasure and I always leave my therapy sessions feeling relaxed and usually pain-free.

— Richard A. Werner

I began seeing Frank Hann because I had a staph infection in my right knee. My knee then got “stuck” at about a 30-degree angle, and I went on to have both knees replaced. The manipulations he did to the knee and exercises he showed me to do with it helped immensely in the recovery process. I now have close to full mobility in both my knees. After having my right knee replaced, my right ankle began giving me problems. I have been seeing Frank once a week, which has been very helpful in keeping this ankle mobile.

I have no hesitations in recommending Frank to anyone who needs physical therapy. He has always been very professional as well as being a very friendly person who is easy to work with. I think this is very important when seeing a physical therapist.

— Carol Cochran